BGF supports many local communitieswith their customized programs primarily in Lesotho.

This program helps individuals and groups in communities, to be granted the opportunities to be expressive in voicing their views on what affect them.

The services & projects

The services provided under this program are:

  1. Research – understanding their demise in the locality
  2. Capacity Building – Training to capacitate community building players.
  3. Creating Awareness–Increasing awareness on the communities to help them develop further economically and otherwise.

b) The projects aligned with the services under this program are:

  1. Love Your District – Encouraging teamwork and volunteerism to projects that impact on the local communities in the various districts of Lesotho.
  2. Love Lesotho – Bringing together the Creative Industries in Lesotho into one locality toward the promotion and appreciation art, culture and tourism as a collective industry for the country.

The Target Market

The groups that are targeted to be instrumental in achieving the objectives of BGF on community development are:

  1. Creative Industries
  2. Private & Public Sector
  3. Parastatals
  4. International organizations
  5. Media

The beneficiaries

BAM Group foundation empowers women (and youth) as individuals to be able to operate in their own individual circumstances or within a group or support structure setting.

In particular it focuses its attention on the following groups:

  1. The communities in need of development
  2. Segments of community for which there is a need  to bridge the gap of development
  3. Creative Industries
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