This program provides essential entrepreneurship skills (and services) especially to new entrants in the field of business.

It has specific components of Women, Youth and Entrepreneurs in general, specifically designed to address their various plight in towards economic freedom.

BGF provides direction and opportunities to aspiring and emerging individuals to enable them eradicate poverty in their lives and contribute significantly to reducing unemployment/non-productivity in Lesotho as a whole.  The development programs are facilitated by established and proficient professionals in their chosen fields.

The Objectives

The training, among other things, achieves the following objectives:

  1. Equip beneficiaries with basic skills to identify business opportunities, write their business plans, craft viable business strategies and/orstart and grow their businesses

The services & projects

a) The services provided under this program are:

Capacity Building


b) The projects aligned with the services under this program are:

BGF understands that for initiatives to grow, they need to be interlinked with external bodies.  It therefore assists its beneficiaries to establish links for opportunities of evolvement by Facilitating grants, partnerships, funding & investment opportunities.  Specifically for entrepreneurs, BGF facilitates programs to Start and Improve their Businesses.

Generate Your Business Idea (GYBI) – BGF Services for Aspiring Entrepreneurs:

A training programme conducted to develop creative thinking among aspiring and existing entrepreneurs on potential businesses that they can establish.

Start Your Business (SYB) – BGF Services for Aspiring & Growing Entrepreneurs:

A training programme conducted by leading entrepreneurs, particularly to help entrepreneurs develop their own business plans. It has a practical curriculum that covers a wide range of business topics, a mentoring programme, a consulting service and aspires to ultimately have a library and computer center.

Improve Your Business (IYB) – BGF Services for Growing Entrepreneurs:

BGF offers among others, off-site training programmes which are tailored towards staff development in various Organizations. Under this programme, we institute a series of modules through which BGF  ensures that employees of such beneficiary organizations receive the training they need for improved productivity and personal development which go a long way to improving the organization’s bottom line.­­­

Composed of BGF monthly business workshops and BGF capacity building services, it equips the beneficiaries with business skills through Ongoing Entrepreneurial Training targeting specific areas of development

Target Market

  1. Community Development Organizations
  2. Business Associations
  3. Private Sector
  4. Training Institutions

The beneficiaries

The groups which are aimed to benefit out of the training programmes include the following categories of people who are:

Graduates of tertiary institutions

  • Between 18 and 40 age bracket
  • Have a business idea
  • Passionate about their business ideas
  • Possess vocational skills in their business line

Business Associations

  • With over 5 members
  • With a business model

Provision is however made for individuals who do not match the above requirements but demonstrate a poise to achieve success in business.

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