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The Foundation uses the weekly freely distributed Informative newspaper, bi-monthly Finite Women’s magazine and Young Achiever’s magazine, entertainment as well as capacity building initiatives and seminars as channels of communication to reach the wider audience to impart information on development content in varying aspects. 

  • Love Lesotho

It promoted art & cultural appreciation in the country by introducing a nationwide program called Love Lesothoto inspire artisans in the country to produce materials and content to promote their various districts in a showcase aimed at attracting both locals and visitors to consume the products from Lesotho as a country.  It particularly inspired composition of songs to promote all districts in the country to showcase talent from various districts of Lesotho

  • Love Your District

It has in 2015 as BAM Group of Companies celebrated 10 years of existence, used the Love Your District campaign through successful road shows in all the 10 districts of Lesotho to encourage the entire nation (decision-makers, entrepreneurs, and the public at grass-roots level - both adults and youth, to empower each other and their communities) in one voice to:

  1. Address health issues, particularly with the impending HIV/AIDS escalations.
  2. Promote team-building activities, particularly with the impending political situation in the country which has escalated divisions within societies.
  3. Develop a sense of volunteerism for their societies to help curb the perpetual need for external aid.
  4. Recognize and empower women and youth, and engage them in important decision making roles and activities.
  5. Appreciate their localities and environment, and improve them towards sustainability that benefits current and future generations
  • Women Appreciation Awards

This is by far the biggest event in the country that puts women in one gathering to honor them, promote them and encourage improved lifestyles. The Annual Finite Women Appreciation Awards (FWAA)which commenced in 2012is an initiative by a Lesotho based women’s publication called Finite Magazine which is distributed in both Lesotho and South Africa.  It provides a countrywide platform of recognizing and commending Basotho women in particular, who have pushed beyond the limit of the unknown, or the Not-Yet-Done in the business, social and institutional fields.Basotho women from all over the world are appreciated in this event which also sees visitors from all over enjoying the once in a year prestigious event.  Men are welcome to attend just as the women!  The event is carried out in the month of August.

  • Achievers Edutainment Portal

It established anEdutainment Portal to engage the youth in 2015 through dialogues such as debates and artistic expressions towards being informed more about their localities and issues that affect them.  It uses Achiever Magazine as a platform for knowledge base to reach out to the youth countrywide for information dissemination and engagement on pertinent issues.  For this it engages Ambassadors as drivers of change in communities through linking with Education Institutions, youth groups, youth parliaments and youth resource centers.

  • Know Your Rights Know Your Obligations (KYRKYO)

It established a Know-Your-Rights-Know-Your-Obligations awareness program in 2014 through Finite Magazine particularly aimed at empowering women through information sharing and exchange on legislation that affects them.  With a different topic covered at every session, women’s ignorance on matters that affect them directly is reduced and they are empowered to make decisions for themselves. 

  • Morija Arts & Cultural Festival – Community Building

In 2014 in engaged in the annual Morija Arts & Cultural Festival to give a platform for young artists to showcase their talent and promote their local produce, particularly in the form of music, poetry and dance.  Various genres of music were used to entertain the crowds that attended the festival to further appreciate talent from Lesotho, and to boost the morale of the artists to take pride in their art.