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In order for this initiative to be possible, various bodies have to be engaged towards soliciting their partnership in specific areas.  These are grouped as follows:

  • Government

The primary organs of government which are directly linked with the mandate of BGF are:

  1. Ministry of Trade
  2. Ministry of SMMEs
  3. Ministry of Gender & Youth, Sport & Recreation
  4. Ministry of Social Development
  5. Ministry of Development Planning
  6. Office of the First Lady
  • Donors

Funding is crucial for the existence of BGF in order to deliver to its objectives.  It is also important towards carrying out its functions effectively and efficiently and as a result it is a fundamental requirement to have a source of income for its projects, which can be forthcoming through donors that support its mandate.  On the same token, Aid through international communities is continuously flowing into Lesotho to help in its development through providing empowering support and assistance to and for the marginalized.  Such partnerships are crucial to be sustained in order to keep Lesotho at an internationally competitive level.

  • Civil Society Organizations& NGOs

CSOs and NGOs play an integral part in the information dissemination towards empowering communities at grass roots levels.  BGF creates a partnership with such organs of the society to leverage on their networks for maximum reach of initiatives towards grass roots impacts.

  • Private Sector and Parastatals

BGF shares a similar vision to other private sector organizations in the plight to create an enabling environment for aspiring and existing entrepreneurs as well as the marginalized.  It therefore fosters relationships with such organizations which are more specialized to carry forth the mandate of the specific sectors of BGF for effective results on the ground, essentially making BGF an enabling ground for matching individual cases with effective solutions.

  • Media

Media plays a vital role in providing the essential information as well as being a vessel for the voice of those on the ground.   It is therefore extremely important and beneficial to engage partnerships with media towards disseminating information as well as gathering feedback from the grass roots levels.