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BAM Group Foundation (BGF) is the philanthropic arm of BAM Group of Companies with a mission to empower communities and end extreme poverty by providing the much support for Entrepreneurs Development, Women Empowerment and Community Building.  It is registered as non-profit organizationin Lesotho.

It aims to contribute to improving the lives of communities in Least Developed Countries, through tackling some of the most pressing issues of the country (and continent). Its strategy has three methods:

  • Interconnecting with and being part of those it serves as well as those who serve it
  • Engaging with to empower those it serves - Investing through interactions
  • Sharing our resources with those we aim to affect
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The following are the main objectives of the foundation:

  1. Entrepreneurs Development:To end extreme poverty by helping the private sector to acquire the business skills, tools and networks necessary for their sustained existence in the marketplace. We strive to accomplish this by offering entrepreneurship and business management training to aspiring and emerging, as well as growing entrepreneurs.
  2. Women& Youth Empowerment: In this phase when the world is transforming to appreciate gender equality and support for women, as well as youth empowerment, BGF focuses on equipping various role players in achieving this global objective; addressing their plight in the equality agenda, poverty reduction and economic emancipation. 
  3. Community Building: The communities of Basotho need to be empowered in various forms to help them work better for the benefit of their localities.   We strive to accomplish this by offering support to such individuals, groups and communities because we believe that there is a great power in increasing the level of engagement of the local communities in addressing their poverty and marginalization plight.
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Today, hundreds of millions of people still remain hungry, unhealthy, poorly educated, and unemployed. Africa continues to be the world’s poorest and most underdeveloped continent, despite being unarguably one of the most fertile regions in the world. It is the richest continent on earth in terms of natural and human resources, and is currently home to some of the world’s fastest-growing economies.

In 1990, 56.5% of Sub-Saharan Africans lived on under $1.25 a day. Twenty years later, the region’s poverty rate dropped to 48.5%, which represents a decrease of only 8%. Governments and development partners have fallen short in their efforts to deliver basic human needs in a way that is scalable, expedient and sustainable. Today, even the most impressive programs rarely reach more than a tiny fraction of the people in need.

Worldwide, some progress has been made in recent decades in attaining women’s rights and equal treatment. Many countries have abolished discriminatory laws and criminalized violence against women. They have made investments in health and education, and in some countries the economic participation of women has increased. In general, however, the pace of change is slow. In some countries and sectors, progress is at a standstill or has even been reversed. Despite major regional and contextual differences, experts agree that there is no country where progress towards gender equality is either assured or irreversible.

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