March 22, 2023


BAM Group Foundation (BGF) is a Non-Profit Making Organization (NPO)

BAM Group Foundation (BGF) is the philanthropic arm of BAM Group of Companies with a mission to empower

It aims to contribute to improving the lives of communities in Least Developed Countries, through
tackling some of the most pressing issues of the country (and continent). Its strategy has three
 Interconnecting with and being part of those it serves as well as those who serve it
 Engaging with to empower those it serves - Investing through interactions
 Sharing our resources with those we aim to affect
It fosters human development and economic empowerment with strong emphasis on women, youth
and the marginalized.
BGF places high premium on equipping its beneficiaries with world class growth and skills and/or
general support to enable them eradicate exclusion and poverty in their lives, and contribute
significantly to reducing unemployment/non-productivity and the inequality divide. It is its desire to
remain a step ahead in terms of development as well as addressing national and international
regression issues.
The Foundation is active in creating dialogues for societies with particular benefit for women & young
people around the country. It employs various communication methods to enhance mouth piece
platforms particularly for women and young people around the country towards their empowerment.
In 2015 the Foundation activities have largely been in the Media & IT industry through the BAM Group
of Companies for 10 years since 2005, making it one of the strongest channels for women and youth
voices in Lesotho.mission to empower…