This program encourages and assists women and youth towards engagement and leadership and recognitionwithin their societies.

It also helps those marginalized, particularly women and youth, who are faced with adversities, towards regaining their dignity and social position within their homes and communities.

Such women (and youth) are those who have particularly experienced:

  1. GenderBased Violence
  2. Gender Based Discrimination
  3. Gender Based Harassment

These are victims who find themselves emotionally and physically deprived of their (basic) human rights. The support is facilitated by established and proficient professionals in their chosen fields to help these marginalized groups.

The Objective(s)

The support, among other things, achieves the following objective:

  • To improve the living standards of vulnerable women through progressive transformation.
  • Equip women and youth with skills for economic participation and self-reliance.
  • Improve participation by women in leadership positions

The services & projects

a) The services provided under this program are:

  1. Research – getting information on the status quo on the ground
  2. Capacity Building – Training to capacitate victims with skills towards independence, freedom and economic emancipation.
  3. Creating Awareness – Awareness on marginalization within societies to potential victims, the potential afflicters of marginalization, leaders and society at large.
  4. Facilitations – linking victims, with organizations for placement, intervention, or creating platforms for engagement with women and youth.

b) The projects aligned with the services under this program are:

            WOMEN FOCUSED

  1. Know Your Rights, Know Your Obligations (KYRKYO) – Addressing important issues that face women every day and which are sometimes difficult to address due to ignorance.
  2. Women Appreciation Awards (FWAA)– Creating an opportunity for women to excel in various ways towards their empowerment, and recognizing them at an national platform to motivate other women to perform better, and create an improved level of appreciation for the works of women.
  3. Women Leadership Program  (WLP) –Leveraging a platform for women to make use of the available resources and opportunities towards making them  leaders in their communities and localities, as well as in an international platform.
  4. Women Economic Empowerment (WEE) –A program destined to improve women’s  capacity to bring about economic change for themselves.


  1. Girls To Women (GTW) – targeted at young females to equip them of the opportunities and challenges that face them  towards grooming them for the future
  2. Boys To Men (BTM)– targeted at young males to equip them of opportunities and challenges that face them towards grooming them for the future
  3. Youth Edutainment Portal (YEP) – an informative platform for the youth on progressive issues for their empowerment

The Target Market

The groups that are targeted to be instrumental in achieving the objectives of BGF on marginalized support are:

  1. Gender activists & Women Empowerment Organizations
  2. Youth Parliaments, Youth Resource Centers&Youth Groups
  3. Local Councils (& Chiefs)
  4. Community Leaders & Public Figures
  5. Female and Male Associations
  6. Media

The beneficiaries

BAM Group foundation empowers women as individuals to be able to operate in their own individual circumstances or within a group or support structure setting.

In particular it focuses its attention on the following groups:

  1. The potential & existing marginalized victims
  2. The women and youth in societies
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